• April 2019 updates. NmA Gone. HTTPS. Facebook login

    NmA Gone

    Notify My Android has completely died. The service is no more. It is an ex-service

    If you use the monitor/notifications service on Android, please consider using PushBullet instead of NMA

    I will be looking into alternative notifiers for Android when I have some time available

    Apologies for any inconvenience!


    I have finally got round to moving the site to https, for security. The one downside seems to be that some if not all browsers will not autofill your username and password stored before the change. Once again, apologies for any inconvenience

    If you can't remember your password, either try to get it from your browser settings, or try the password reset feature on the site. If neither of those work, please get in touch via the contact page and I will manually reset your password for you

    Facebook login

    I think I've fixed facebook login, which was broken for a few weeks thanks to something facebook changed. Please let me know if this is still not working for you..

Welcome to SignUpSale.com

  • What is this?

    Are you a maker of cool things? Things so cool you can't sell on a first come first served basis without there being too much butt-hurt for a man to handle?

    Want to run sign up sales but don't fancy manually replying to hundreds of email entries with numbers you have to keep track of on post it notes?

    Then this site is for you. Run Sign up Sales the simple way...

    Simply enter your item details, upload a picture, set a price, then post the link to the sale in your regular outlet (Your website, blog, facebook, wherever).

    Your buyers follow the link and sign up for the sale.

    When the sale is over, click one button to draw winners from Random.org, and another couple of clicks to email your winners with payment details.

    For a small one-off fee I can create a page template to make your sales look like your website.

    If you are a maker and would like to try this out, please register an account and once your account is confirmed, log in and click on your User menu and choose Edit user details, and on that page, go to the Seller details tab and you should find a Request seller account button.

    See more details of how this works