More details about how this works

Creating Sale
During Sale
After Sale

Creating the sale

  1. You enter your item details in a simple form. Title, Description, Price per item, Number of items available.

  2. You can set the maximum number of entries allowed, and/or schedule start and end date/times. You can also choose to allow people to purchase more than one item. All of these are completely optional.

  3. The form also allows you to upload up to five pictures per sale.

  4. Once you have created your sale you can see what it will look like to users, then you can make further edits, when happy you can start the sale, which opens it to entries

  5. You then copy and paste the sale url to your website, blog, facebook, twitter, wherever you normally publish your sales.

  6. If you scheduled the start of your sale in advance, and publish the link before the sale starts, people visiting the page will see a timer counting down to the sale start.


During the sale

  1. People who want to buy your item follow your link to the sale page and sign up with their name and email address, or they can connect with Facebook and their details will be pre-filled in. On entering this data they are presented with their entry number.

  2. Optionally when you setup the sale you can allow people to give their entry to others (In which case in addition to their own name and email they can provide the name and email of the person they wish to enter for).

  3. A confirmation email is sent to the entrant with their entry number. If they entered for a friend then a confirmation message is sent to them as well.


After the sale

  1. The sale can either end when the maximum allowed number of entries is reached, the scheduled end time is reached, or you manually click a button end the sale.

  2. You can view the entries, and optionally manually filter out entries that you think are duplicates. (You can do this while the sale is running)

  3. When the sale is complete, you can either press a single button to use the sequence API to pick and save the winners, or you can manually go to to draw the winners, or have a midget stripper pull the numbers from a hat, however you prefer.

  4. If you draw manually, then simply copy and paste the results back to the list of entries page, and submit those. The site will save the sequence you entered and show you the list of winners.



  1. Your sales can be made to look like your website

  2. Sign Up Sales were what the site was created for but other sale types are available - First Come, First Served - Give Aways and Auctions

  3. The address of the sale page contains an unguessable random string, so (as long as you do not set the sale to "Fully Public") your sales are safe to fiddle with until you publish the address.

  4. If you set a maximum entry count and an end time, the sale will close when the first is reached

  5. The site uses several techniques to prevent people entering more than once.

  6. The option to allow people to enter for more than one item currently only works for First-come-first-serve type sales

  7. Users can register and reserve their favourite 'alias' on the site, they can then login and quickly enter sales with pre-filled in name/email information

  8. There is a small charge to use the site to sell. Please contact me to discuss fees and payment options. New sellers are welcome to try a sale for free to ensure the site does what you want.