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BilletSPIN "Bathgate" #13

5 piece top

1.24" diameter

1/8" carbide ball

Stainless Steel

This was a collaboration between Chris Bathgate (www.chrisbathgate.com) and BilletSPIN.  The focus is on art over function.  While it is a smooth spinner, it is difficult to spin.  Each offering will come with a numbered COA; this is the 13th offering of this design.  #13 has a high polished outer collar and stem ring.  There will be 20-50 total made of this design, in four material variations, with varying finishes throughout. The majority of this design will be sold via SUS.  Payment (via PayPal, billetspin@tds.net) is required within 24 hours of completion of SUS.  Winner of previous SUS of this design are not eligible for this offering.  Winners will be ineligible for future SUS of this design.


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