Tellurium Copper Geosphere Sign Up Sale

Well hello,

This here is the place to sign up for a chance to purchase 1 of the 16 "Tellurium Copper Bronze Geospheres".

Please provide the requested info, and you'll be entered.

Sign up is Open till 6:00pm Eastern time tomorrow evening 12/8.

USA price = $70.00

OCONUS price = $100.00

Winning Email notifications with payment information are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder after the winners have been announced.

Thanks for your consideration, and may the odds be ever in your favor,



# Alias When
16 Derrick Flint Smallberry 1 month ago
12 inode0 1 month ago
8 Johnny Hammish Terrible 1 month ago
3 Angstrom de Balthier 1 month ago
13 Randy Cockparrot... no seriously I am... 1 month ago
15 Marika Von Waring 1 month ago
1 Monkey Von Solomon 1 month ago
7 Chris Benoit 1 month ago
9 Panties mctoasteroven 1 month ago
4 Usopp Thomas Kennit 1 month ago
6 Ben Walker D. Drummond 1 month ago
2 Hesterman 1 month ago
11 JZS 1 month ago
5 The One and Only 1 month ago
10 Gol D. Marika McWright 1 month ago

Posted by Kenn Jordan Jr.