Lambda Lottery: 10 pc Edition - Tungsten Ring + Blue Anodized Ti Spindle

Lambda Lottery: 10 pc Edition - Tungsten Ring + Blue Anodized Ti Spindle

Hi all,

I'm going to hold this sale as a lottery, meaning lots of people can sign up but 10 "winners" will be randomly chosen on the end date. Winners will receive an email with a purchase link.

Special Edition: numbers 16-25

Signing up for the lottery is a "handshake agreement" that you will actually purchase the top if you win. I've done lotteries before and I stopped doing them because it takes weeks to track down actual buyers when people back out after the fact. Part of the reason I'm using this website is to simplify the entire process for you and me. 

I've been working on these Ti spindles for ages. I have to say, I really hate them...making them that is, but they look awesome! I burned up about 3 feet of Ti material just to get the knurling right. This is a really hard part to machine from Ti because the material is very stringy and the top spindle is very thin, which means it tends to wrap anround the spindle during machining. For each spindle, I have to stop the machine 3-4 times to clear chips, and stand at the machine during the entire process. I can't walk away for a moment because something inevitably goes wrong. These are also a major pain to anodize, but I'm not even going to get into that. Suffice to say I really don't want to do any more anodized spindles :) 

I'm sure you will ask, "can I get a different anodize color?" I think I already alluded to the answer, but no, for this batch Prometheus Blue is the only color available. It's the best color anyway :) 

I'm sure you will also ask, "what, only 10?!?" Yes, 10 for now until I work out whether I want to do more Ti spindles and also find out whether this sale format works out. I should have another edition ready to go fairly soon in case you miss out. 

Thanks for your support!


  • Blue Anodized CP2 Titanium Spindle
  • Solid Tungsten ring
  • Choice of contact point material
  • Assembled to order
  • Presentation Ring Box
  • Laser Marked Edition


# Alias When
41 UglyJim 2 years ago
7 Adam Schuster 2 years ago
59 Jezebel Roger Sabertooth 2 years ago
4 Seth Santana Red 2 years ago
45 dtw898 2 years ago
70 Ethel Hawk 2 years ago
32 Lee Tian 2 years ago
74 Jeffy 2 years ago
24 double0thirteen 2 years ago
6 James Walker D. Milton 2 years ago