Spin Space Give-Away: Anatolian Mods "Dual Rota"

Probably the most fun you'll have for $60 West of Bangkok (Hmm....that felt wrong...), Barbaros Enginer at Anatolian Mods sent me his Dual Rota spinner to check-out and review. While I haven't done the review yet, I blame the Dual Rota for keeping me distracted from my duties. NOT a long spinner, but IS a FUN spinner which makes use of the fast-flicking attributes of the 608. Definitely a spritely one that you won't have to worry about the kids (or other adults) misusing. Nice wide buttons, good distribution of mass, rounded profile, fun to flick. Free Shipping domestically for the winner of this give-away, with International helping a bit.

Thank you for being excellent SpinFam, and don't forget to check-out Anatolian Mods:




P.S.: Drawing will be this Friday just before Midnight, 3/10/2017.


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376 Earl Russ 1 year ago