• Stonewashed SPA17's General Sale
    Sale type Status Sold / Available Price Signed up
    First Come, First Served sale Archived 28 / 40 $85.00 22
    Sale type First Come, First Served sale
    Status Archived
    Sold / Available 28 / 40
    Price $85.00
    Signed up 22

Stonewashed SPA17's General Sale

 Hi there folks,

I have 40 stonewashed  Self Preservation Act of 2017, or "SPA17's" fresh out of the tumbler, and ready to go as a general 1st. come 1st. served sale.

Physical specs:
Material is C655 Bronze.
The outside diameter is 1.725, and thickness is .375.
The center hole is 1.000 diameter, and the little thru holes are all .1406.
These are sporting a nice stonewashed finish.

If you'd like to purchase an SPA17 or two just provide the requested info, and you're all set.

Two per person limit

USA = $85.00 for one.

USA = $165.00 for two

OCONUS =  $115.00 for one.

OCONUS =  $195.00 for two.

The sale will end once all have been spoken for, or tomorrow evening 12/1 say 8ish Eastern time. 

At that time you will receive an Email with payment information.

Email notifications with payment information are sent from SignUpSale.com , so be sure to check your spam folder once the sale is over.
Thanks for your consideration,



# Alias When
1 Sir Roger Boucanier 11 months ago
2 Bluebeard Heng 11 months ago
3 Bigbeard Du Merrick 11 months ago
4 John Merrick Jesamiah Scarblade 11 months ago
5 Murdoch Juan de la Nabel 11 months ago
6 Elisabet Romulus Berry 11 months ago
7 Yellowbeard. Rodney Quartermaster 11 months ago
8 Sir Rowtayus the 6th 11 months ago
9 Rtcheat6 11 months ago
10 Sabertooth Spinneret Merrick 11 months ago
11 Maxi Chopper Malot 11 months ago
12 Sal Manila 11 months ago
13 Kaptein Vulmea 11 months ago
14 Jezebel Jack Black Roberts 11 months ago
15 Art Michael K. Flint 11 months ago
16 cjh1955 11 months ago
17 Blood Long John Alberic 11 months ago
18 M.C ATM 11 months ago
19 Gammis Thomas Raleigh 11 months ago
20 Bloody Michael K. Rusty 11 months ago
21 spaceman 11 months ago
22 Yellowbeard. Santana Lynch 11 months ago

Posted by Kenn Jordan Jr.