• Stonewashed SPA17's General Sale
    Sale type Status Sold / Available Price Signed up
    First Come, First Served sale Archived 28 / 40 $85.00 22
    Sale type First Come, First Served sale
    Status Archived
    Sold / Available 28 / 40
    Price $85.00
    Signed up 22

Stonewashed SPA17's General Sale

 Hi there folks,

I have 40 stonewashed  Self Preservation Act of 2017, or "SPA17's" fresh out of the tumbler, and ready to go as a general 1st. come 1st. served sale.

Physical specs:
Material is C655 Bronze.
The outside diameter is 1.725, and thickness is .375.
The center hole is 1.000 diameter, and the little thru holes are all .1406.
These are sporting a nice stonewashed finish.

If you'd like to purchase an SPA17 or two just provide the requested info, and you're all set.

Two per person limit

USA = $85.00 for one.

USA = $165.00 for two

OCONUS =  $115.00 for one.

OCONUS =  $195.00 for two.

The sale will end once all have been spoken for, or tomorrow evening 12/1 say 8ish Eastern time. 

At that time you will receive an Email with payment information.

Email notifications with payment information are sent from SignUpSale.com , so be sure to check your spam folder once the sale is over.
Thanks for your consideration,



# Alias When
1 Sir Roger Boucanier 9 months ago
2 Bluebeard Heng 9 months ago
3 Bigbeard Du Merrick 9 months ago
4 John Merrick Jesamiah Scarblade 9 months ago
5 Murdoch Juan de la Nabel 9 months ago
6 Elisabet Romulus Berry 9 months ago
7 Yellowbeard. Rodney Quartermaster 9 months ago
8 Sir Rowtayus the 6th 9 months ago
9 Rtcheat6 9 months ago
10 Sabertooth Spinneret Merrick 9 months ago
11 Maxi Chopper Malot 9 months ago
12 Sal Manila 9 months ago
13 Kaptein Vulmea 9 months ago
14 Jezebel Jack Black Roberts 9 months ago
15 Art Michael K. Flint 9 months ago
16 cjh1955 9 months ago
17 Blood Long John Alberic 9 months ago
18 M.C ATM 9 months ago
19 Gammis Thomas Raleigh 9 months ago
20 Bloody Michael K. Rusty 9 months ago
21 spaceman 9 months ago
22 Yellowbeard. Santana Lynch 9 months ago

Posted by Kenn Jordan Jr.