• Green Rexolight Lantern Sign Up Sale
    Sale type Status Available Price Signed up
    Sign Up Sale Archived 18 $110.00 34
    Sale type Sign Up Sale
    Status Archived
    Available 18
    Price $110.00
    Signed up 34

Green Rexolight Lantern Sign Up Sale

Well hello there,

This is the place to enter for a chance to purchase 1 of the 18 Rexolights with a Green vial.

Please provide the requested info, and you'll be all set.

These are made from Rexolite, and feature a 3mm * 23mm Self Lighting Gas Vial, SS split ring, and use a  #8-32 socket set screw for captivation of the vial. 

Physical specs: .375 diameter * 1.348 in length.  

USA price is $110.00
OCONUS price is $145.00

Sign up is Open till 7:30 Eastern time tomorrow evening 6/19.

Winning Email notifications with payment information are sent from SignUpSale.com , so be sure to check your spam folder once the sale is over.

Thanks for the support, and may the odds be ever in your favor,



# Alias When
4 Rob Shi 10 months ago
15 Roan Tom D. Szpirglas 10 months ago
34 Bigbeard Cockparrot Acorne 10 months ago
24 X2Link 10 months ago
23 Sparrow Sharpe 10 months ago
17 Captain Jack Sparrow 10 months ago
26 Zihab Smallberry 10 months ago
13 Dread Angstrom Spade 10 months ago
31 HODO 10 months ago
30 Richie Veezee 10 months ago
11 Hugnin 10 months ago
20 Douglas Silver 10 months ago
12 Sanji Bartholomew LeFwee 10 months ago
21 Serket Charles Nabel 10 months ago
29 Black John Charles Rover 10 months ago
7 Jezebel Ishmael Raleigh 10 months ago
19 Toolboy 10 months ago
9 Bloody Moon 10 months ago

Posted by Kenn Jordan Jr.