Brass Anti Abduction Amulet SUS
Sale type Status Available Price Signed up
Sign Up Sale Archived 18 $85.00 18
Brass Anti Abduction Amulet SUS
Sale type Sign Up Sale
Status Archived
Available 18
Price $85.00
Signed up 18

Brass Anti Abduction Amulet SUS

Hello people of Earth,

You all ready for a Sign Up Sale?

 I have 18 " Brass Anti Abduction Amulets " ready to go.

Okay so maybe they're just challenge coins, or worry stones, but are you really prepared to take that chance if/when you get abducted?


Material = 360 series Brass ......UFO grade of course.

.1875 thick with dimensions of 1.750 x 2.000 over the ellipse shape.

The image is machined on both sides for a full on fiddle factor.

USA = $85.00

OCONUS = $116.00

Sign up is Open till 9:00pm Eastern time tonight 7/15.

One entry per person.

Please provide the requested info, and you're in for a chance to purchase 1.

Winning Email notifications are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder once the sale is over.

Thank you, and may yje odd be ever in your favor.



# Alias When
12 Santana Walker D. Swann 2 months ago
7 Captain Long John Hodgers 2 months ago
3 elfan 2 months ago
18 Malgo Romulus Marley 2 months ago
15 Seth Jesamiah Smallberries 2 months ago
16 Gammis Michael K. Slag 2 months ago
4 Mindfang Walker D. Avery 2 months ago
5 Moon de la de la Vega 2 months ago
11 Scott 2 months ago
13 Heddy T Bierchest 2 months ago
17 pk 2 months ago
9 rugerfanuk 2 months ago
10 Area 51 2 months ago
8 Old Confused Person 2 months ago
2 Vyse Spinneret Karraje 2 months ago
6 Malgo Benoit Raleigh 2 months ago
14 Nemo Black John DeFlorres 2 months ago
1 Marika Kato de la Carlton 2 months ago

Posted by Kenn Jordan Jr.