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    Sale type Sign Up Sale
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Lum/Dawson TungstenMini - PreProduction Proto

My Tungsten Mini Precision SpinningTop collaboration with Joshua Dawson is going live on Friday on Indiegogo.  This is your opportunity to get one BEFORE the IGG goes live.  The Sign Up Sale is for ONE (1) of the standard configuration tops (winners choice).

Plain Tungsten / Brass Core ($130)

Plain Tungsten / Copper Core ($130)

Flame Blackened Tungsten / Brass Core ($145)

Flame Blackened Tungsten / Copper Core ($145)

The tops are 3/4" diameter body, GunnerGrip stems, .125" ceramic ball.  I'm hitting anywere from 10-13 minutes on test spins.

In once with your preference of configuration (see 4 choices above and in the picture).  Price includes shipping in the US, international shipping extra.  Payment via CC over the phone.





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