Chisel ground Custom Valmara
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Chisel ground Custom Valmara
Sale type Sign Up Sale
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Ended at 2 months ago
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Price $650.00
Signed up 117

Chisel ground Custom Valmara


Blade show is over and it was GREAT!  

Now, to try something different to get back into the shop.

I believe this is my first chisel ground folder, I have ground a bunch of fixed blades chisel style, but no folders before now.


The Blade is hand rubbed s35vn, with a Rc of 60.


The Titanium frame lock is all gutted out on the inside of the non lock side for max weight relief but not on the lock side for max strength.

Shipping in the USA is on me, international shipping is no problem, at the buyers risk and expense.

We will run this lottery for 24 hours, after which I will close it down and use the random number generator to find the winner.  I will e mail the winner and they will have 24 hours to get back with me and settle up.






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