• Jody Muller "Face Off" Carved Steel - AMAZING!!!
    Sale type Status Ended at Bidders Winning bid With dogpiles
    Auction Archived 11 months ago 6 $1400.00 $1600.00
    Sale type Auction
    Status Archived
    Ended at 11 months ago
    Bidders 6
    Winning bid $1400.00
    With dogpiles $1600.00

Jody Muller "Face Off" Carved Steel - AMAZING!!!

Maker: J Muller
Material: Carved Steel
To Benefit: (listed below)
Bid Type: Open Bid : Please include your Facebook Messenger name (for ease of contact)



All Winning Bids and dog piles will be donated directly to The Hate Project (501c3) (hatedustproject@gmail.com) and then Ill cut checks to the group named in .
You will receive a RECEIPT for the value/donation for tax purposes

All auctions/sales will include an EXTRA $20 fee to be paid to The Hate Project for FULLY insured shipping under $1,000
add $5 for every 500 over this- ie; 2000=30, 3000 = 40 etc…
(( International will be at cost per buyers instruction AND RISK ))


Auctions this year will benefit- Make A Wish, Ronald McDonald House-Central Valley, FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN WARRIORS, Warrior 360, Girls for Gunslingers, The HateDust Project & Rotaplast.   Rather than try to track a “day” for each- I’ll cut checks in varying amounts after- with the larger amounts going to MAW-RMH