Auctions help

Notes about how Auctions work on this site

  • Unlike e*ay there is no proxy bidding, if the current bid is $1 and you bid $1000 then the current bid goes straight to $1000
  • You must be logged in to bid (or dogpile, if dogpiles are enabled for this auction)
  • Hover over the numbers in the status panel at the top of the auction for more information
  • Sellers can enable optional dogpiling, this means instead of (or as well as) Bidding yourself, you can commit to 'dogpile' on another bidder, to increase their bid. You can only dogpile if specifically enabled by the seller, and you can only dogpile people who are already bidding.
  • There is not yet a "Dogpile the winner" option.
  • Sellers can enable optional Anti-Sniping. If this is enabled, and you bid within the defined threshold of the end of the auction, then a predefined amount of time will be added to the auction. If enabled, the details will be mentioned at the bottom of the page